Everything Games on Demand Tournaments

Everything Games on Demand Tournaments

July 8, 2023

Everything Games will be running On Demand events throughout the show, all events will be capped at 8 people per event
All events will be run as single elimination

25.00 entry fees on the following On Demand Tournaments :
Pokemon standard
Pokemon VGC
Digimon Standard
One_Piece_Card TCG events

50.00 entry fee for On Demand Pokemon Build and Battle

All entry fees are to be paid at the Everything Games Booths 1 and 2, Tournaments are played on booths 3 to 8
Pokemon TCG Learn to Play – Free to learn! Starter decks will be available for sale at the everything games vending booth

All tournaments prizes are 500 prize tickets for 1st place, which can be redeemed at the EG vending booth for all products offered at the show. (Products will have both Dollar value and redeemed ticket value)

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