Pinball Expo/ Video Game Summit Cosplay Contest

Our very first annual cosplay contest at our 40th! We’ve got four categories to compete in, so no matter what your skill level you can still make your mark. Enter in

Youth – Are you under 18? This is the category for you.

Amateur – Just starting out. Haven’t participated in a contest of note yet? This is your category. Show off your first proper project, get some stage experience, and show the people what you can do.

Journeyman – Most people will probably end up here. You’ve made a costume or two or three before? You know how you can bring it. This is the level of competition that you’ve earned.

Masters – Are you a professional? Has your work been showcased or commissioned for money? Winning cosplay contests is old hat? Take your place in our Masters category.

We’ve got plaques for Best in each Category, Judge’s Choice, Audience’s Choice, and the Best Use of Pinball in Design.