VGS Venue Fundraiser

Welcome to our fundraiser page as we are looking for venues
The venue we found is with in our budget,
This fundraiser will help offset the costs of running the show.

This year we doing fundraising with a twist of sorts. which will be done 3 ways:


We tried to do Gofundme in past got nothing and ended up cancled, we are trying again with a goal of 3,500 which will help with offset other show cost


Donations via PayPal will also be accepted no specific goal but looking for at least 3,500 as well.

*Shop Sales

This year we are going to work on the sales from two shops

Cafepress Marketplace
for 2019 ,2021 and 2023

Magcloud for 2019 and 2021 posters and Programs

*On shop sales you still keep your purchase even if we don’t reach our goal