AVC Online releases new design logo for VGS

When Video Game Summit started on 2003 based on a idea from an Atari Age Member about having a local gaming event in IL as well spun off from Jaguar Festival. Since then we have changed our logo about 4 times. Now going into 21st year its time to once again to move forward and change our logo for the good. Our new is logo designed by Patrick Hickey, Jr.,when he did a new flyer for last years show, plus keeping in with the colors we used with past logos (Red, Green,Blue) we used those colors with bit of a change on the green “V” and blue”S” in the logo.

Also we moving our show slogan which was shown on back of shirts “From All Ages … For All Ages” to main part of the logo keeping the “Chicago’s Premier Video Game Event” tag line as well which can been on the t-shirts.

Speaking of T-shirts: starting Effectively on February 3rd ,2024 We will be discontinuing our double side t-shirts when we replace our old logo with the new logo(the logo will also be on other show merchandise as well except for programs and posters)
We will have one special Tour T-shirt made with dates and locations of VGS from the past on the back like how our The Jaguar Festival tour shirts are(based on the concert tour shirts).