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Welcome to the Video Game Summit Sponsorship page

LevelGame AreaSilverGoldDeluxe
Slide Image on main pageYesYesYesYes
Slide image on Game AreaYesYesYesYes
Slide Image on Jagfest pageNoYes*YesYes
Slide Image on TurboFest pageNoYes*YesYes
Ad Size/locationNone listing in program onlyFull page/ inside programFull page/ inside coverFull page/ Beck cover
logo on Program/Poster and flyerNoNoYesYes
*Silver sponsor has choice of slide image location either Jagfest or TurboFest page

slide image are 625 by 300px
Ad sizes are as follows:

Full page 8.5 by 11 with a a trim of 8.25 by 10.75

All Ads must be in 300 dpi

click here to see how to measure your ad (opens new page)

As this will be the last Program for the show,
sponsors with ads will have an option to have their ad to continue in the Atari Gamer Magazine
(Preview issue will be out at the show with no ads the next issue will be out in September
(it runs bimonthly no subscriptions but can be purchased at magcloud when it available:
2.00 for digital print varies on # of pages)

Payment type

processing fee (if any)

notified via



E-mail (invoice)


No Fee: Only when its sent as friends and family
and is either linked to bank account or have funds in the account

2.9%+ 0.30 per order when funded by credit card or debit card
and sent as goods or services

Credit Card
( via Eventbrite.com)

3.5%+$1.59 (eventbrite fee) + per ticket+
2,5%( Credit card Processing ) per order

Information will be e-mailed

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* indicates required field
Name of your store or place of business
if your vending as yourself leave blank
Describe your business or what your selling(this will be on website and program)
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