Schedule of events

This is the Schedule of events for the show

Paul Zimmerman’s Atari Mania -Pong Off Tournament
Jul 13 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

 The Pong Off  Tournament which will  be using
Being Played on Atari 2600 JR with Video Olympics
Game 9 , difficulty on level on A(paddles at half size).
The player with most wins at end of tournament
will be declared the winner.
*the top 2 players are eligible to play at pinball
expo in October
tournament hours:
starts at 9am breaks at noon
resumes at 1pm ends at 4pm
*they won’t have to pay the tournament
fee to play at pinball expo
but they will have to pay admission to the show.
prizes will awarded as well which includes:
Award certificate, Award Patch and a Trophy