Pinball Expo Welcomes VGS Vendors

We had hoped to have news on the official VGS Section at
Pinball expo for this year,but we couldn’t get into talks with the chairman,
Rob Berk to everything figured out.
So in lieu of No VGS Section, Pinball Expo, Chairperson and Founder, Robert Berk
and Video Game Summit,Co-Promoter, Todd Friedman are once again doing a Retro Section at
Pinball Expo’22 October 19-22.
And All VGS Vendors (Past and Present) are welcome to be a vendor.
September  rate for a 10 by 10 space is $300.00
(price is good until 9/18/22 after that a vendor will incur a 10% surcharge)

For more information  click  the image belowPinball Expo

We are also working on plans for possible Merger between Video Game Summit and Pinball Expo
after this years  Pinball Expo is over.  So stay tuned for that!