Christ Centered Gamer to have VR games in Game area.

Christ Centered Gamer,  Ran by Cheryl Gress is VR company that
looks at video games from two view points.
They analyze games on a secular level which will break down a game based
on its graphics, sound, stability and overall gaming experience.
If you’re concerned about the family friendliness of a game,
they have a separate moral score which looks at violence,
language, sexual content, occult references and other ethical issues.
You can find them at Game Booth #1

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Logan Arch Chicago to vend at VGS

Logan Arch Chicago is a local makers who sell enamel pins,
accessories, apparel – all with a retro and nerdy focus.
You can find them at booth 9

Retro Emporium to vend at VGS

New Vendor: Retro Emporium who deals with
Variety of 80s and 90s console games will be at VGS.
you can find them in the Lobby Booth 11.

773-999-BLUM returns to VGS

773-999-BLUM is ran by Alex Blum who has vended
with us before he will be selling vintage and new games and consoles!
You can find him at booth #19

8-bit Classics To Vend at VGS

8-Bit Classics,who have been a vendor from the past is back at VGS.

8-Bit Classics ( has been
serving the retro community for over 20 years supporting
retro computers and video game consoles.You can see them at booths 3 and 4