Harmony Games Schedule

This is the schedule of Harmony games being used,

Games selected are those that won 2018 Atari Awards Ran by ZeroPage Homebrew, Atariage.com and The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, you can find the winners post here

All games listed can be downloaded here as well as instructions. Instructions to original Miner 2049 game can be found here game play is basically the same just bit faster

Rules for Space Game: Play on Save the Earth Hard mode (Left difficulty setting on B Right on A)
Scoring goes for as forward: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 5 bonus points for beating the game

Post your High Score at Atariage forum (see link in menu ) or at our forum

Space Game (Best bB(batariBasic) Game)May 11th, Noon CentralJune 2nd 2pm Central
Mappy (Best Homebrew Game, Programing,
Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics)
June 11th Noon CentralJuly 13, 6pm Central