COVID-19 and Video Game Summit 2020(Canceled)-update May 9th,2020

Recap of what was said on AVC Live:

AVC Live Take 2- VGS update and other AVC Online news

Posted by Video Game Summit on Saturday, May 9, 2020

VGS Refunds:

    Emails go out on monday to Vendors with details (keeping the same booth from this year for next year)
    Refunds go out possibly around of end May, Pyapal first then Checks

Other news:

    Facebook Event gets Canceled
    V-VGS FB event goes up tomorrow and vGS website gets upadted
    Harmony Games round 3 started today with first score mentioned
    Atari Gamer Magazine postponed until April 2021

We are sad to report due to COVId-19 and other issues That VGS 2020 has been Canceled.
We will go into details about what went to this decision on A special edition of AVC Live at 6pm Central on May 9th On Zoom for more information on how to join AVC Live on Zoom Click on the Calendar event on the left under the menu while we have other club news VGS will be the main topic and will be taking Questions as well (after the show I will post the final update here and our Facebook for those who missed it)

As we Stand now it doesn’t look good for 2020 here is video from the AVC Live broadcast

AVC Live Broadcast

Posted by Dan Iacovelli on Saturday, April 11, 2020

VGS Status:
if we Cancel and reschedule for 2021 (chances we will) those who paid for booths will get refunded and get to keep their booth no reservations needed we will contact them.

those who reserved and didn’t pay yet will get a choice to keep their booth(s) or get a new one(s) but have to reserve.
I’ll go into what we got so far in video our final decision come on May 9th broadcast. we will try for Zoom type thing with me and todd only and take questions as well.

We have progress report on the next AVC Live coming up on April 11th on facebook (Video will be posted on AVC Online and this website after words)

We here at AVC Online and Video Game Summit are currently watching the whole matter with COVID-19 and feel we are still going to go as planned unless the closures of shows go beyond May 1st deadline. so until then we are in wait and see but until now VGS 2020 is still good for July.
Thank you
Daniel Iacovelli
VGS Promoter

    E-mails to vendors goes out (possibly monday)

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