Galloping Ghost and Polycade to supply arcades for the show

Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield,IL will be on hand
with arcades at the show. Arcades are as follows:
Elevator Agent, Berzerk, Mortal Kombat and Rampage

The GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE provides a video gaming experience like no other! We are the LARGEST video arcade in the USA, and currently have over 900+ games to play and have more games up and running all the time! Unlike most arcades, we do not use quarters or tokens. All of our games are set to FREE PLAY!
For more information visit their website :

Polycade’s arcade gaming platform brings the latest technologies to this beloved gaming format, providing a modern gaming experience focused on in-person play. Features like player accounts, shared leaderboards, built-in photobooth, digital assets, and the ability to play both retro and modern games make our player experience appropriate for the 21st century.

MiSFiT Studios crafts innovative games designed by gamers, for gamers.
Using imagination to entertain we embrace all life in hopes of creating acceptance and understanding. We strive for commitment to quality over quantity, and we will always improve our development methods to flow with the ever shifting gaming industry. Our community must be part of us for we would not exist without the support of every single person who takes the time to recognize our art. Fun must be part of all our DNA and in everything we do we must always ask the same question; Will this creation bring joy?