2019 Program and Poster now available

The 2019 Program* and Poster  is now available for sale at VGS Shop.
We won’t have physical copies of the program at the show except for those who registered for Early Admission,Guest and Main Sponsors.

As for posters we will have limited supply at the show which is the
same price as getting it online minus tax and shipping.
those registered before June 27th got an e-mail about getting digital download for a free copy, after that anybody who registered online will receive a link in their
confirmation e-mail to get a digital copy.

* this is  an early version which will be missing  few things and might have  errors.
we will rework  the program fix errors and put it up on magcloud for sale
The program cost is $4.00 for both Print and digital or free for just digital
for just a digital this deal ends on 7/27/19 when price goes up
and digital download won’t be free with Print.
Posters are also on sale for $3.00 this deal also ends on 7/27/19